Welcome to WUULF

WUULF 2022 will be hosted from June 20th-June 26th, 2022

WUULF (Western Unitarian Universalist Life Festival) is a week-long camp for Unitarian-Universalists from June 20th-June 26th, 2022 in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. We are a loving community from a diverse set of age groups, backgrounds, and cultures who gather in New Mexico each year to express our appreciation for each other and our world.

WUULF has a separate website for the WUULF schedule. Please feel free to visit the wuulf festival schedule site for more information. This may be especially helpful during wuulf when you’re looking for what’s happening each day.

To see more about WUULF 2022 see the WUULF 2022 announcement, the WUULF 2022 program, or if your ready, register today!