Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

Recently, I had to fill in the end of the following sentence during a workshop I was attending: “In 3rd grade, the teacher would have called you…..” My answer: “The curious one.” My life has been driven and inspired by curiosity from the time I was a child, exploring my neighborhood on a cherry red Schwinn bicycle with my pals. My zeal for connecting with ideas, with others and with the world has served me well as a mother, partner, friend, journalist, producer for public television, religious educator, and minister. ​

Raising children in an interfaith family led my former husband and me to Unitarian Universalism (It didn’t hurt that we attended the First Parish in Concord, the Vatican of the movement). My two now-adult children (Sam and Michaela ) still strongly identify as UUs and appreciate the grounding they received in this spiritually open and radically inclusive faith. Much to my surprise, I was drawn deeper into this free-thinking community as a volunteer, and then as a leader and staff member of my congregation. After creating and leading a Coming of Age program for teens, I felt a call to ministry and set out for the Promised Land. I was ordained in 2000 and am now in final fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association. After serving several congregations and working as a professional hospice chaplain, I launched my community ministries offering counseling, education, and mediation services to individuals and couples at all stages of relationship (from pre-marital to divorce). After completing a fulfilling three-year Interim Ministry at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Meadville (PA), I began an exciting new position as Interim Minister in 2019 at the Beacon UU Congregation in vibrant Flagstaff, Arizona (and served during an unprecedented pandemic!). I am delighted to be currently serving as Minister at Eastrose Fellowship UU in Gresham, OR.

In 1978, I received my BA in English from Chatham University and in 2000, I earned a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School (HDS). During my time at HDS, I chaired a project on inter-religious dialogue, served on the faculty committee on ministry, represented HDS as a delegate to the national program, Seminarians Interacting, and was a finalist for the Billings Preaching Prize. My M.Div thesis explored writing as a tool for self discovery and spiritual renewal.

Prior to answering the call to ministry, I worked as a journalist, photojournalist, and producer/writer for Public Television. In October of 2018, a collection of my B&W documentary photographs ("DejaVu:Darkroom/Digital") was exhibited at Chatham University in celebration of my 40th reunion.

I like to say that you can take the girl out of Pittsburgh, but you can’t take Pittsburgh out of the girl. I grew up in that gritty, pretty city, immersed in the Jewish community, guitar, horses, performing arts, summer camp on Lake Erie and lots of overwrought poetry. I returned home in 2011 after 30 plus years in the Boston area. I renovated a small brick house on a steep hill (classic Pittsburgh!) and resided there with my sweet rescue dog, Miss Billie. I loved my time being back in the friendly unpretentious vibe of the Burgh. ​

My lifestyle is active and healthy, and I enjoy yoga, cultural events, making music, contra dancing, outdoor recreation such as hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and cycling, book groups, simple dinner parties with a rustic menu, and lively conversations over good coffee or a steaming cup of tea. As my family grows, I experience so much joy spending time with my children, their partners, and my grandchildren.

Each day, I work (as best I can) at expressing gratitude and bending into abundance in a world where joy and sorrow are always woven fine together. My two favorite mottos are: “Small things often” and “Try to be joyful, even if you’ve considered the facts.”

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