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2015 dates: June 22nd – 28th.

“Frolicking in Mystery–The Revolution and UU’s”

Theme Speaker — Rev. Robert Latham
June 16 – 22nd 2014


Robert Latham is a native Texan, raised in the Southern Baptist tradition and earning a BA from Baylor University in Waco and two Master of Theology degrees. As a result of a challenging educational experience in seminary his religious view of reality was transformed. His cultural perspectives were also transformed as a result of an shattering experience in Vietnam. In the wake of these events he discovered Unitarian Universalism and officially entered its professional ministry in 1969.

Robert’s program, “Frolicking in Mystery,” stems from the premise that our culture is in the midst of a revolution spawned by the technology of communications and back-grounded by the Twentieth Century civil rights, feminist, and sexual revolutions. The larger context is the determined plunge of the human enterprise toward genocide. We must address these issues in a transforming fashion if we are to survive and enjoy quality of life.

The question Unitarian Universalists confront is about the role of religion in such critical times. The newer generations are rejecting traditional religion as irrelevant to their living. How can we rise above this rejection and energize our faith as a contributor toward transforming the future? These questions will be addressed in three sessions. Each session will be divided into two segments: group exploration and sharing and facilitator presentation and discussion. All views will be honored as we create a meaningful and fun experience.