Welcome to WUULF

WUULF 2023 will be hosted from

June 19th-June 25th, 2023

WUULF (Western Unitarian Universalist Life Festival) is a week-long, multi-generational camp for Unitarian-Universalists from June 19th-June 25th, 2023 at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. We are a loving community from a diverse set of age groups, backgrounds, and cultures who gather in New Mexico each year to express our appreciation for each other and our world.

Registration information will be available in the spring of 2023.

What is a Day at WUULF like?

We begin each day with breakfast in the Ranch’s dining hall (vegan & gluten free options!  Endless coffee!), followed by an outdoor Ingathering service, led by our community minister to set our intention for the day ahead.

On “program days”, we are divided into Adults and Youth for different activities:  workshops, art projects, lectures, book discussions, and music.  For 2023, our Theme Speaker, Rev. Bob LaVallee, will lead us in three “Creating Theology Together” workshops.  The community rejoins for lunch, and perhaps some swimming, before afternoon activities begin.

On “non-program days” Adults and Youth are together for activities.  This can include off-site activities like river rafting and touring the Georgia O’Keeffe house, or on-site activities like tie-dying and hiking.

Each evening, following dinner, we all gather for a night of games or music or other merriment.

In between scheduled activities, there is ample time for conversation, musings, reading, and recentering yourself.

We hope to see you at WUULF!