2022 Main Theme Program

Back To Our Roots

Please mark your calendars for June 20-26th 2022

WUULF as with so many gatherings has not been able to happen for the past few years. We are so excited for WUULF to finally be coming back in the summer of 2022. For those of you who have been attending WUULF for years and years, it’s important to realize that some things about WUULF may be different than you remember from years past.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

-margaret j. wheatley

What to Expect for WUULF 2022

What Will Remain The Same

  • WUULF is still a welcoming inter generational Unitarian Universalist camp where community is valued and fostered.
  • WUULF as always will have a children’s program where kids are supervised by community teachers on alternating days. Information about the youth program can be found in this years catalog.
  • Our facility will continue to be held at Ghost Ranch where meals and lodging are available. This makes attending camp a breeze for folks with busy lives who would love an easy, and meaningful summer experience with minimal planning required.

What May Be Different

  • WUULF will not have a dedicated community minister this year. At it’s core, WUULF is about the community we are building and growing after being apart for so long. While a minister can absolutely help to these ends, we believe that WUULF also benefits from community led growth. With this in mind, we will be drawing from community leadership to lead worships this year.