2020 Main Theme Program

Passing the Torch

Sharing stories and wisdom through writing and memoir

2020 Theme Speaker Bobbi Maiers
Bobbi Maiers

Theme Speaker Bobbi Maiers

Bobbi Maiers has spent her professional career as a wordsmith and teacher, with a diverse background as a journalist, public relations professional, freelance writer/designer, composition and creative writing teacher, and workshop coach. 

Bobbi studied professional writing at the University of Colorado and graduated in 2004. She worked in community journalism in Craig, Colorado, and wrote for the education and metro sections at the Colorado Springs Gazette. She then transitioned to working in public relations for an environmental nonprofit group in Washington D.C. As a graduate fellow in the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts program, she taught composition and creative writing at Kent State University and studied nonfiction writing, including memoir and the personal essay. She completed her master’s thesis in 2012 after moving to Durango, Colorado, where she has taught literature, journalism, creative writing and current events courses in the English department at Fort Lewis College. 

As a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango (UUFD), she serves the congregation primarily through leading “My Story” writing workshops for people interested in exploring their writing voices through memoir and personal essay, as a way to foster connection among the congregation. Some participants then share their stories as pulpit guests during Sunday Service. She also serves as a worship associate and works on the church’s communications committee. 

Bobbi’s teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that every person has important stories to share, be they grand or quiet, and that studying and devoting oneself to the writing process is an enriching, challenging and artful way of reflecting on our lives and what we know to be true. Her workshops focus on creating a welcoming community of supportive discovery, where each person’s unique voice can be heard. In your time with her at Ghost Ranch, there will be idea-sharing, brainstorming, small group work, writing exercises, quiet writing and discovery time, a deep dive into the complete writing process, and a steady devotion to the simple idea that we all have things to learn from one another—because writing is an act of courage, and listening is an act of love. 

In addition to writing and teaching, Bobbi enjoys cooking, Pilates, and time spent on the river or in the mountains with her family. Her husband Jarrad is a lifelong UU and longtime WUULF attendee. They look forward to their first family experience at WUULF 2020 with their son Locke, age 5. 

Mark your calanders for June 15th-21th 2020