Main Program

Main Theme Program- Letting Go in the Desert

Main Program

Improv – Dee Masters- Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Join Dee Masters as he leads three action pactked days of programming at WUULF. Letting Go is all about freeing the mind, body, and spirt and opening ourselves up to new experiences. Get ready for fun! Dee will teach us improv and dancing. We will sing, talk, share, and open our minds to philosophy.
Let Go of your inhibitions and let go of your fear! It’s time to let loose! No experience required.

This week will feature a special shorter sharing session on LETTING GO OF TRUMP. Bring your techniques.

The Politicis of Rebellion: The Free Speech Movement and the Counterculture – Stephanie Beninato – Tuesday
Learn about the Free Speech Movement’s effects on the counterculture. This presentation explores the history of the FSM and some of the long-lasting contributions to the counter-culture: recycling, sustainability, organic farming, alternative energy sources, and an acceptance of alternative life-styles.

Race and Racism in the New Millennium: The Economic Impact of Unconscious Bias – Sherri Burr – Thursday

As the domestic and international economy evolves, so too has the discriminatory impact of unconscious bias. Burr uses studies on shopping for cars and mortgages, participating in music competitions, and searching for jobs using phantom resumes to show that while the law has eliminated conscious discrimination against African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and others, these groups continue to be harmed at a more insidious, unconscious leel. The surprising revelation is that group members sometimes discriminate against each other.

Letting Go of Trump -Dee Masters – Saturday

Join Dee Masters as we share concerns and ideas about the current political climate. We will be exploring ways to let go of fears and work shopping on how to deal with sticky situations through improvisation. Get it all out of your system while having fun!