Community Minister

Rev. Nancy Bowen

I am a birthright Unitarian Universalist, raised in All Souls Church in Tulsa, OK.  I served the Unitarian Universalist ministry for 25 years working for our Association for 21 of those years as District Consultant, District Executive and Regional Lead for the Pacific Western Region until June 30, 2016.

I am endlessly curious, indeed fascinated, by congregational life and the power of covenant to shape us as individuals and to define our religion. I am married to the Rev. Howell Lind and we live in Old Town Albuquerque in a 107 year old adobe house.  We are members of First Unitarian Albuquerque.  We are blessed with four amazing daughters, their assorted spouses and spices AND three very precious and precocious grandchildren in Chicago and Harrisonburg, VA.   We live in profound abundance and deep gratitude every day.


Rev. Howell K. Lind

I am a third generation Universalist.  I have served the Unitarian Universalist ministry for over 50 years, serving as a parish minister, interim minister, developmental minister, national church consultant, and as a UUA District Executive. I have also served as an adjunct professor on the faculty over a half a dozen theological schools teaching Unitarian Universalist Polity, History, and Worship, Generational Norms, Church Emotional System Thinking, and congregational Evaluation and Assessment.

I am a strong advocate for, and believer in, our Unitarian Universalist covenantal faith having the power to change individual lives, our community, and the world.  I am married to the Rev. Nancy Bowen and, together, we try to live out of our shared Unitarian Universalist faith in both actions and words as we try to make a religious and faithful difference in the world.